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special_diets's Journal

Recipes and Tips for Living on a Special Diet
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Recipes and tips for living on a special or restricted diet.
This community is specifically geared toward people who have a special or restricted diet due to biological/medical considerations (such as allergies and intolerances), religious considerations (such as keeping kosher or halal), or moral/ethical choices (such as being vegan or vegetarian).

This is not a community for generic recipe posting, cooking help, or restaurant recommendations. This is also not a community for posting about diets that help you lose weight.

You can feel free to post an intro about your specific dietary needs and/or expertise. If your background gives you special insight or education into constructing special diets, let us know.

Also, feel free to post tips and tricks or warnings. For example, if you discovered recently that a favorite food contains an ingredient that is a no-no in your special diet, let us know so that others with a similar restriction will have that information. If you have found a great way to eat out with friends even though you have a severe reaction to almost anything they order, tell us. And, if you have found the best way to explain to others what your restrictions are, give the rest of us some advice.

You can also feel free to ask for advice or information if you have a specific question you'd like answered or a specific type of recipe posted. (For example, "I used to love sloppy joes before I decided to be a vegetarian. Give me a great vegetarian sloppy joe recipe.")

Community Rules:
There will be no discussion about the validity of any particular diet. We will not be debating whether a vegan diet is nutritious enough, or whether keeping kosher is right or wrong, or whether eating fish means you are not a true vegetarian. THIS IS NOT A DEBATE COMMUNITY. There are plenty of other places on LJ for discussions like that.

You may ask for definitions of a particular diet. I will post the diets I have thought of so far and my rough definitions of those diets. Feel free to post suggestions for improving the definitions or for other types of diets or restrictions to add to the list or the community interests.

Did I mention? There will be NO FLAMING. I will freeze flame-y comment threads. If you persist in demeaning a diet or otherwise causing trouble, you will be banned. End of story.

This is meant to be a supportive community for anyone who lives in this world and tries to eat differently from "the masses." This is for people who can't find anything to eat at "casual dining restaurants" or always have to order "with this, without this" everywhere you go. This is for those people who always have to warn their dinner hosts in advance about what not to make.

Around various holidays, we will do a special theme devoted to alternative recipes for traditional foods for that holiday. For example, around Thanksgiving we will talk about vegetarian/vegan alternatives to turkey, sugar free alternatives or versions of pumpkin pie, etc.

List of Special Diets:

  • Vegetarian: Eats no meat, poultry, fish, or seafood, or byproducts or derivatives of such. Does eat milk/dairy products and eggs.

  • Vegan: Eats nothing that comes as a product of an animal, including dairy and eggs.

  • Kosher: Follows the laws of kashrut, such as eating meat only if killed and prepared a certain way, does not mix dairy and meat products in the same meal, and eats no seafood, pork, or certain other animals.

  • Halal: Follows the laws of Halal according to Islam. These laws vary depending on your practice and where you live, so please let us know what your definition of halal is if you have a question or some advice.

  • Gluten free: Does not or cannot (due to physical intolerance or allergy) eat foods/beverages containing gluten.

  • Wheat free: Does not or cannot eat foods/beverages containing wheat.

  • Sugar free: Does not or cannot eat foods/beverages containing sugar (specifically sucrose).

  • Nut free: Has an allergy to peanuts or tree nuts and must avoid such foods.

  • Diabetic diet: Requires a diet that will help to maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

  • Shellfish free: Has an allergy to shellfish, such as shrimp, lobster, etc., and must avoid such foods.

  • Low sodium: Needs to or tries to avoid foods with high amounts of sodium.

  • Egg free: Has an allergy to eggs or egg whites and must avoid foods containing such products.

  • General allergy: A category to cover other food allergies, such as certain fruits, soy products, aspartame, etc.

Again, if you would like to help refine these definitions, feel free to post. If you would like to add to this list, feel free to post. The mod will take your suggestions under consideration.